Golf Format/Info

These are the general rules for the tournament and may change from year to year. 

Four person – team scramble – best ball.
1. Each player in your team will tee-off/hit.
2. Play the best ball: after everyone has hit, the foursome will choose which ball will be played.
3. Each player then moves their ball to the chosen ball. (Balls must be placed no more than one club length and no closer to the hole than the chosen ball).
4. During the round of 18 you will have to use at least 2 tee shots from every player.

Each team has the opportunity to purchase a Cheater Card for $20. There is a limit of one (1) Card per team. The Card will entitle your team to the following:
1. Three (3) Mulligans. A mulligan is a do-over, so this entails you will be allowed 3 during the course of play. However, only one player will be allowed to shoot the mulligan shot – so choose wisely when using your mulligans.
2. Three (3) Tosses. No club on this one, just bare hands and arm strength or perhaps you would like to use it on making that 5-foot putt everyone might have missed. You may pick up the ball and toss it from anywhere on the course. However, once again, only one player may be chosen for the toss, so choose wisely.

Each team has the opportunity to purchase Sabotage Strokes against other teams for $10 per stroke prior to the round of golf. What’s this you ask? Well, do you think there might be a frontrunner or a team you would simply like to sabotage? Well guess what… you can purchase Strokes against that team before the tournament. After golfing, once all the scores are in, the purchased Strokes will be revealed and tallied and the strokes will be added to their final score. Hence, you can completely steal a victory from a team. The purchase of strokes is unlimited, so feel free to go crazy as the proceeds go towards a good cause.
For $100 you may purchase a one (1) stroke penalty against every team (which essentially improves your team’s overall score by 1 stroke; hence take-away-stroke from your score). These too, are unlimited.

The tournament winners will be the team that has the best score after the final round and after the sabotage strokes and take-away-strokes are tallied. The tournament winners will be the ones glorified for years to come with their names going on the tournament plaque. There will also be special prizes awarded to the winning team.

1. Closest to Pin: The one player with the closest to pin tee shot.
2. Longest Drive: The one player with the longest drive tee shot.
Specific Holes will be determined day of. Prizes will also be awarded to each Contest winner.